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René Kmet


This is a selection of some of the projects I have directed over the past eleven years. If you are interested in my work in fiction, take a look at 12 Points. For documentaries, try the award-winning The Conductor. If you are into music videos, check out Lovex or Sophie.



I write screenplays for many of my own projects (see Directing) and am frequently hired as a (co-)writer for others. Further information available upon request.

Film & Art Criticism and Analysis

I have extensive experience in film & art critique and analysis, both academic and journalistic. Here are some sample texts.

Project Conception for TV, Stage and other Entertainment

I develop entertainment concepts for television and stage, some of which have been optioned for further development. Further information available upon request. 

Script / Project Consultant

I work as a script consultant for production companies and directors, both in early development stages, as well as for dialogue revision. Further information available upon request.


I also write fiction - mainly short stories. Further information available upon request.


Whenever I am not busy writing or directing, I am happy to assist others, especially in the position of Assistant Director. Overcoming organisational hurdles while keeping an eye on the creative side of things (and providing input wherever necessary) is one of my special talents. Occasionally, I also do Script & Continuity jobs.

Some of the projects I have worked on include:


Gravity, Dir.: Benno Hanke, 2017 [music video for Ferdinand Hübl]

Nicest Things, Dir.: Benno Hanke, 2018 [music video for Swankster]

The Blind Spot, Dir.: Sarah Fürstenberg, 2019

No, Nothing, Dir.: Sarah Sidi, 2019

Benny, Dir.: Vasco Viana, 2019

New Years, Dir.: Leila Basma, 2019

Split Leap, Dir.: Vasco Viana, 2019

Earthling, Dir.: Benno Hanke, 2019

Vom Ende Und Anfang, Dir.: Simon Maria Kubiena, 2019

Hush, Dir.: Xueni Yang, 2020

Samson, Dir.: Vasco Viana, 2021





Production of Corporate Films, Event Films and Making-ofs 

For examples of my work in making-of and corporate film production, click here.


I edit some of my own projects (see Directing) and am also hired as a film editor from time to time. In addition to digital editing, I also have experience in editing 16mm film.

Live Event Staging & Assistant Directing in Theatre

I occasionally stage concerts, corporate events or art performances and I have worked as an assistant director in theatre productions.

Live TV

Having worked as an assistant in news broadcasting ("Zeit im Bild") at ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), I have substantial experience when it comes to working in live broadcasting in the control room.

Host / Presenter

I was trained in hosting and presenting on stage and in front of the camera and I sporadically do presenting jobs.

Production Management

I have substantial experience both with managing film productions from pre- to postproduction (and beyond) as well as with assisting in production departments.

Since you have come this far, you probably have a vague idea of who I am

and what I do already, but manners are important and a proper

introduction never hurts:


I am René. I'm an internationally working filmmaker (director, writer,

assistant director and occasional production assistant) from Vienna, Austria.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Film-, Theatre- and Media Studies and I was

educated in filmmaking at FAMU, the National Film School of the Czech

Republic and one of the oldest and most prestigious film schools in the world.


More importantly though, I have been making films since the age of 12 ...

no, wait ... actually, if you count documentaries, I have stalked people with

cameras ever since my father gave me a VHS camcorder for Christmas in 2000, when I was six years old.




When it comes to writing - or, more generally speaking, storytelling - you could go even further back: I have immersed myself in my own made-up stories ever since I can remember. The picture on the left, for instance, shows little me acting out my own, alternative version of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. 


Not only through the example of Shakespeare have I come to realise

and appreciate early on that a good story, as opposed to the storyteller, never dies. - It lives on through its telling. I consider myself a person who, through all the areas of filmmaking I have listed on this website, keeps stories alive and shares universally true human emotions and experiences.

And when I die, the stories will not. Why? Because someone else will wrap a tablecloth around their shoulders and put leaves on their head to tell them... 

René Kmet
René Kmet

Vienna, Austria

If you would like to collaborate or have other enquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch:



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